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The Service Cycle

est. 2010

(sophomore year of college)


The problem:

Finding a bike shop willing to fix any brand of bike, for an affordable price and a quick turnaround. 

The Concept:

I realized the simple fact that most people were purchasing bikes, parts and components, through online retailers. I felt there was a market for "a new kind of bike shop". With my skills as a bike mechanic, a set of professional tools and a little (very little) startup money, The Service Cycle was born. A small independent bike shop specializing in repairs, custom bike builds, expert advice, with a quick turnaround (in most cases within 24 hours), all for an affordable price.

The Shop

I scored a small space in an old refurbished jr. high school. It was a the perfect setting to create the environment that I had envisioned for "a new kind of bike shop". A place that would be casual, welcoming, and comfortable for any type of bicycle enthusiast. Designing and building the environment was a lot of fun, the design was clean and modern with simple details. the materials utilized were inexpensive, with a raw industrial feel, but were ideal for the atmosphere I was looking to create. 

The Results

My idea for "a new kind of bike shop" was a successful business model. The shop was well received, busy, and an overall  great experience, I met a lot of wonderful people from the casual cyclist needing their vintage schwinn bicycle repaired, to the world class olympic level athletes needing complete bicycle builds, and rebuilds. With achieving my degree, and my focus on new opportunities, I closed The Service Cycles doors and looked to new adventures, and challenges.